About us

For 23 years we offer quality and service. 28 employees in the 2-layer company provide for the fact that you can get the most different Holzanfertigungen with us.



 production area



2800 m²


 Heated Lumberyard



400 m²


 Commission bearing Hood Mould



200 m²




We deliver all parts pre-worked or with a finished surface and we work together with NC-painting, DD-painting and Bio-painting for a healthy living. Our product range includes at the moment more than 1400 different articles. You have the choice...


We kindly invite you to let us make a detailed offer. We can offer:


  • competitive prices
  • high quality
  • deliveries strictly in-time
  • two-shifts


We also make you to a competitive supplier!


Your truly supplier with a little kind of extra.






Established on 01.03.1989 from Mr. Andreas Lipsewers in Delbrück-Lippling / Germany.


Rise of employees up to 4 and infestation in more electrical know-how.


Rise of employees up to 6. 
Infestation in a shaving-silo


Rise of employees up to 8. 
Build of a new storage to have more capacity to store individual.


Upgrade of the technical machines and a new CNC-machine including newest technology for the actual requirements.


Upgrade of our clients with named fabricants. 
The product range reaches ca. 150 different articles and now, 11 employees are working in our company.


Buying of a new vacuum cutting-machine to improve the quality.


Getting done of a new company building with ca. 1100 m² within only 3 months. 
Buying of a bigger CNC-machine to fulfil actual market requirements. 
A new painting lane is done, where biological painting is possible. 
The product range reaches ca. 270 articles now.


Buying of a offshore-unit.


Buying a new machine.


Buying of a new machine for partly cuttings.


The production of massive wooden plates is now possible with a new HF-pressing machine. 
We now have a product range of more than 400 articles. 
Now 18 employees work for us.


A new automatic spray gun with static electricity, and read-in device ensures a surface without pimples.

We reached a production area of 1650 m²


The product range now includes 680 products. 20 employees ensure the highest quality.


Andreas Lipsewers takes successfully with a grade point average of 1.5 on the expert examination of DESAG (German expert company) part, and is therefore in the pool of German experts (specializing in joinery / furniture sector) operates.
Extension of the machinery by 2 complete systems.

We think about tomorrow:
therefore a lookahead acquisition was also in profile strips made: Modern NC-four-side planers (12 Spindle). Thus we can have a working width of - go to 225 mm and this with 12 operations in one pass. This also serves our clients as we are able to produce at competitive prices here.


Due to lack of capacity in the CNC area another modern CNC has been purchased. Shift operation from 4-23: 45 clock to handle rush jobs also can.


It was carried out the expansion of production to 800 sqm within 2 months.
20 years ago, the production area was 200 m². Today there are 2600 m² plus lumberyard.
Today, we produce more than 1000 different items incl. Surface.


Surface extension by a new UV system incl. Grinding technology in a single operation (1-man operation).


Product expansion of molded parts, regardless of whether or FURNIRE with our new grooved profile or MDF.
For a membrane-press and a 5-axis CNC was put into operation.


Tehere's nothing we can't.



The beginnings, March 1989

With a size of 200 m² we started.

First major enlargement

After 9 years, there was the first expansion of 200 m² 1800m².


Enlargement May 2010