Basic principle of economy

There´s only little in the world, that cannot be produced little more bad and be sold little more cheaper by someone. And the people, which orientate themselves on prices will pay forthose machinations.
It is not good to pay too much, but it is more bad to pay less. If you pay too much, you will loose some money, but that is all. If you pay less, you sometimes will loose everything, because the article cannot fulfil the expectations.
The basic principle of economy does not allow to get best efforts for less money.
If you take the cheapest offer, you have to add some money for the risk you have. And if you do this, you will also have enough money to pay for something better.

What does quality mean ? - Quality is a production within the tolerances we have worked out together with you...

    Together with our employees and our modern machines, we can also grant the following things:  
  • We work with natural raw materials

All raw materials, that we are using get at no time in touch with any chemical fluids and are therefore natural materials.
  • Quality standard: Bio-surface

We only work with materials that are certified to the European norm DIN EN 71-3.  
  • Quality standard: Nitro-surface


We only work with painting that is certified to the European norm DIN EN 71, part 3 (Security for toys).  
All these quality standards are a must for choosing our suppliers and can be seen on their certificates.